Secondary and Primary Equivalent Alloys

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Beck Aluminum offers high grade, primary equivalent and secondary aluminum alloys in ingot and sow form. Our network of approved suppliers ensures conformance to specific customer requirements, not only in chemical ranges, but also in bundle and stacking specifications.

Beck Aluminum also excels in customer tolling contracts. We provide secondary processing of recycled scrap to meet customer end use criteria. Available in customer chemical requirements and ingot or sow forms. Some, but not all, of the alloys produced are: 201.1, 319.1, 332.1, 333.1, 355.1, 356.1, 356.2, 357.1, 359.1, 360.1, 383.1, 384.1, 413.1, 514.2, 535.2, 712.2, 713.1, A356.2, A380.1, B380.1, B390.1, ADC12, ADC10, LM25, LM27 and SRSI.

Bundle and/or sow dimensions and configurations can be altered to match customer requirements.

Standard Secondary Alloy bundle/sow configuration specification sheets:

Low Profile, 2 Way Entry Sow
4 Way Entry Sow
Standard Ingot Bundle Specification
Split Stack Bundle Specification
Real Alloy Specification