Master Alloys and Additives


Aluminum Master Alloys are specific grain refining, modifying, and hardening agents that are added to aluminum melts in order to produce quality castings with desired mechanical properties. Beck Aluminum markets and distributes the products of Aleastur of America, LLC.

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Aleastur produces a comprehensive range of master alloys for the aluminum casting industry at its plant located in Asturias, Spain. Master alloys are available in various forms and chemical compositions. Contact your Beck representative for selection and use.


Grain Refiners

Used for enhancing physical and mechanical properties of metal alloys.

• Chrome Aluminum
• Copper Aluminum
• Magnesium Aluminum
• Manganese Aluminum
• Nickel Aluminum
• Silicon Aluminum
• Vanadium Aluminum
• Zinc Aluminum
• Zirconium Aluminum

Used for controlling the dispersion of
individual crystals in metals to produce
a finer and more uniform grain structure.

• Titanium-Boron Aluminum

Modifiers & Special Alloys

Typically used in silicon-aluminum alloys to
increase strength, ductility and machinability.

• Beryllium Aluminum
• Phosphorus Copper
• Strontium Aluminum

Product forms: coiled rod, cut rod, contibar, ingot, lump, waffle plate


Master Alloys
  • Aluminum-Antimony
  • Aluminum-Bismuth
  • Aluminum-Boron
  • Aluminum-Calcium
  • Aluminum-Chromium
  • Aluminum-Copper
  • Aluminum-Iron
  • Aluminum-Magnesium
  • Aluminum-Manganese
  • Aluminum-Silicon


  • Aluminum-Strontium
  • Aluminum-Strontium-Titanium-Boron
  • Aluminum-Titanium
  • Aluminum-Titanium-Boron
  • Aluminum-Titanium-Carbon
  • Aluminum-Vanadium
  • Aluminum-Zinc
  • Aluminum-Zirconium
  • Aluminum- and others


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