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March 26, 2020

To our Valued Customers and Suppliers,

During this time of global uncertainty, we want to assure you that Beck Aluminum, its committed staff and its business partners are here to support your businesses. Despite an ever-changing landscape, Beck Aluminum is open and continues to maintain daily operations to support you.

In terms of our preparedness and response to COVID-19, Beck Aluminum is following all local/state/federal guidelines and we have employees working from home with system wide access. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) most recent guidance designating various industries, workforces and sectors as “critical infrastructure” provides that CISA’s primary Critical Manufacturing Sectors include, among others: Machinery Manufacturing (Engine and Turbine Manufacturing; Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing; Earth Moving, Mining, Agricultural, and Construction Equipment) as well as Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (vehicles, ships, aerospace and rail). In addition, the President’s COVID-19 directive emphasizes the important work of companies like Beck Aluminum to continue to power and protect the US infrastructure and essential supply chain functions.

We supply aluminum to the manufacturers of castings that are used in the primary and backup power to medical facilities, power to data centers and call centers that help keep people connected, engines for ambulances, fire trucks, food and medical delivery vehicles, and so much more. We believe that the metal we supply is critical to these essential products/services/businesses as defined in the CISA guidelines and the recent Ohio Department of Health Director’s Stay at Home Order.

Our operational capacity is currently 100% and we are prepared to work with you on whatever changes come your way. We are reviewing our metal supply and position daily and we are in constant contact with suppliers to manage this uncertain time and satisfy our commitments to the best of our ability.

We ask for your continued cooperation and timely communication during this time to convey any changes to your existing delivery schedule(s), overall production or potential closures. This will allow our staff to maintain a high level of service to ensure everything is done to satisfy your needs.

The Beck Aluminum Team